Corporate Training

NAHDA International Academy provides In-House Corporate Trainings to improve performance and intensify retention amongst individuals. These trainings leap the gigantic barriers that encumber out-house or external trainings. Our specialized trainers set up an environment that purely reflects the organization is culture. We have brought a cutting-edge In-House Corporate training service.

The In-House corporate trainings identify and investigate all the snags which are the reason that individuals don not reach their maximum potential and optimum levels of productivity. These trainings eliminate all the short comings that may occur in an individuals performance. They are widely been adapted around the world in order to achieve maximum proficiency, efficiency and professionalism from individuals.
The adept trainers discover your exact skills and knowledge that you require to succeed in your jobs. The re-evaluation on continuous basis in these trainings helps you to have a competitive spirit and potential in the marketplace.

The trainers of Corporate Training (In-House), at NIA engage you in the following activities:

  • Engage in planning and decision making of departments and even for companies
  • Prepare to work in higher level and more strategic environment.
  • Build confidence to be a part of executive meetings and discussions.
  • Including in specific mailing lists and in company briefings to enhance confidence.
  • Qualify to build goals, priorities, and decision.
  • Assign the task to teach machine operation, develop quality and production standards, and safety measurements.
  • Designate the roles of team leader and supervisory to develop responsibility whilst learning and training.
  • Assign the responsibility to head up running projects or teams.
  • Authorize to spend a great deal of time with trainer to ensure the retention of learning and training.
  • Ask to set goals for team development.
  • Qualify to cross-train in other roles and responsibilities.