Online Training

NAHDA International Academy has extended its services by keeping pace with the modern world and has become a platform for online trainings. We at NIA understand the growing interest of individuals towards online learning and training and therefore we have employed high skilled trainers that have high proficiency in carrying out online training.

The corporate world is heading towards change where approximately one third of the learning content has been made available for e-learning .Where such trainings are cost effective, they are also mandatory for the improvement of efficiency of individuals as they break the traditional modes of training and learning and move individuals towards maximum attention and retention with the 24/7 working online platform of digital technology.

The online training carried out under the roof of NAHDA International Academy guarantees to provide the e-learning content and solution all the time with no distortion and breaks. A proper infrastructure of online training is developed to ensure the right kind of training to be carried out.It helps you to access the relevant resource of your interest at any time. The time required for an online training is relatively shorter than that of the conventional class room setting which helps you do other tasks in the more convenient way and this saving of time improves your productivity as well. To guarantee your learning capacity and the potential of that who is giving training, a feedback system is there to ensure it, where the management generates analysis of how well the training is carried out.

The online training by NIA ensures:

  • Confidence among individual
  • Provision of the most appropriate skills to meet job satisfaction
  • Enhance knowledge and skill-set
  • Long term retention of both learning and training
  • Updating the course on continuous basis to avoid any gap
  • The identification of an individual's strengths and weaknesses
  • Provision of solutions to all kinds of issues related to jobs